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Chronic Hives- A Symptom of Underlying Problems

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I once read a line about hives/urticaria saying that urticaria is condition of one symptom of many problems. At the beginning, I didn’t really understood this but later on with further reading and research, I got to understand that indeed- while hives may only appear as weird red lines or odd shape wells, it can be cause by encompassing number of factors (i.e., allergens, insect bites, dust and smoke, emotional upsets, stress, etc.), some of which you could hardly imagine how it could be.

However, it must be realized that hives is often connected with an allergic trigger such as allergens, irritants and medications as mentioned earlier. Others experienced developing such hives symptoms after exposure to sudden temperature changes or physical factors such as moderate exercise.

One thing that probably bothers among hives suffers particularly the acute ones, is the fact that in approximately 50% of acute cases, there is no apparent probable cause that can be targeted. In other words, people can just be exposed right away even if you don’t have prior history, although of course, not all can be susceptible to any single irritant/stimulus.

Remedies of hives can be directed at either external or internal. External remedies might involve simple bath or some lotion to relieve the itching the heal of the rash. However, for long term therapy, an internal approach might be beneficial.

Antihistamines has been considered to be the most helpful of relieving acute hives. Some of these antihistamines can be easily bought over the counter however, hives sufferers almost experienced the side effects of drowsiness. Therefore if you an office person or a student, it could affect your day’s performance.

An new aspect of alleviating hives include short course of steroid medication. While this has proven to be real effective, much of its long term effect if prohibitory than beneficial. However, in severe cases that do not respond to the usual medications, long term treatment with low doses of steroids can be considered.

It is however very important to consider some underlying illnesses when  person is suffering from chronic urticaria cases. This is real true because one can be attributed to an autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, viral hepatitis and parasitic infections. According to some surveys, at least a half of chronic hives cases disappear within 3-5 years while some may last for 10 years. Can you imagine!

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